Metal Carboxylates

A REACH consortium was established in November 2007 to cover metal carboxylates which are used in driers and catalysts or other solvent- and water-based applications.

The consortium includes major European producers and is managed by REACH Metal Carboxylates (Driers & Catalysts) Consortium Ltd. (RMC) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The CI (Cobalt Institute).

Substances covered

Note that the consortium does not include cobalt based substances as these are already catered for by the existing Cobalt REACH Green Consortium.

The scope of the consortium currently covers the organic salts of the following metals: 
Ba, Bi, Ca, Ce, Cu, Fe, Li, Mn, Ni, Sr, Zn, Zr  

where the acid component may include:
2-ethylhexanoic, neodecanoic, naphthenic, acetic, isononanoic, propionic, oleic, stearic, benzenesulfonic and a range of fatty acids

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Please note that joining the Cobalt REACH Consortia does not automatically cover membership in the REACH Metal Carboxylates Consortium, and vice-versa.

If your company is interested in joining the Consortium then please contact The Secretariat at:


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